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French Toast, Pancakes And Waffles
French Toast    Waffles    Pancakes and Mini Pancakes
IQF Echo Lake French Toast, Pancakes and Waffles are convenient breakfast and brunch entrees that require no extra preperation, simply heat and serve. This category features a variety of styles to suit the many needs of our customers. These labor saving products are perfect for use in buffets, school systems*, hotels, health care facilities, correctional institutions, restaurants, component manufacturing and sandwich making applications.
French Toast
MF 8000 144/ 1.5 oz.
(Old Fashion 4 x 4 French Toast)
MF 8020 144/ 1.5 oz.
(Cinnamon French Toast)
MF 8008 192/ 1 oz.
(Diagonal Pre-sliced French Toast)
MF 8014 72/ 2.5 oz.
(Our Famous Lumberjack Style)
MF 8010 72/ 3 oz.
("Texas" Style French Toast)
MF 8030 60/ 3.5 oz.
(Super Thick Fancy French Toast)
MF 8069 200/ 1.35 oz.
(Round "Cylinder" Style with Cinnamon)
MF 8050 240/ 1.3 oz.
(Round "Baguette-Style" French Toast)
MF 8100 144/ 1.25 oz.
(Plain Grilled Toast)
precooked egg

Whole Grain Varieties Available

   * Please inquire about our School Breakfast/Lunch Program specifications.